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Rachel Larson Long, M.A., ATR

Rachel has been a part of the Billings, Montana Art Community for the past 20 years, participating in numerous shows and events. Originally from Bozeman, she has lived and worked in Miles City, Great Falls, the Mission Valley, and the Territory of Guam.  

Influenced by music, nature, and the inspiration of favorite contemporary artists and the Modern Masters, she creates work in a variety of media. Acrylic is her most frequent choice. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and Art Education, and a Master’s in Art Therapy, Rachel has worked in many school settings, a family shelter, chemical dependency treatment, memory care, and other residential settings for the elderly. She has presented workshops and classes for all ages, in areas of painting, personal growth, dreamwork, printmaking, mask-making, and mixed media.  An exciting year was spent traveling Montana as the Teaching Artist for Artmobile of Montana, presenting exhibits and facilitating projects.

As an artist, educator, and Art Therapist, Rachel strives to create a balanced life which combines service to others with her own creative growth and expression.


My Life as an Artist

     From an early age I've enjoyed creating art, and this has greatly enhanced my life.  I find it irrisistable to experiment with a variety of art forms and media.  While I turn to acrylic painting most frequently, I tend to branch off into side projects such as printmaking, clay work, mosaics, oil painting, watercolors, and all kinds of mixed media.  Teaching elementary art  and other classes, for years, has fed this eclectic tendency.

     The creative process is both enlivening and soothing, and it allows for inner dialogue as well as expressive communication.  I'm so grateful to have had art-making as a means of personal growth, identity development, community involvement, and simple enjoyment.

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